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Questions and answers about the European Year of Rail 2021

What is the background of the EYoR? And which events will take place within this framework? Here are the most important questions and answers at a glance.


  • What is the background of the European Year of Rail (EYoR)?

    With the European Years, the EU wants to raise awareness of important issues. They also aim to stimulate debate and highlight their political importance. The theme is proposed by the Commission and adopted by the Council and the European Parliament. The first European Year already existed in 1983. In December 2020, the European Council adopted the decision on this proclamation of the "European Year of Rail 2021".

  • What does the EYoR aim to raise awareness of?

    It is about promoting rail transport as a sustainable mode of transport. This way we can maintain vital services even in unexpected crises - like now with Corona. The aim of the EYoR is to raise awareness of the European dimension of cross-border rail transport. Because we need more international cooperation, not less!

  • What is the associated goal?

    An increase in the share of passengers and goods transported by rail.

  • Does the environment also play a role?

    The EU's concern is to promote "rail" in line with the European "Green Deal". Rail plays a central role in this investment programme. After all, it is the most environmentally friendly means of mass transport and makes an important contribution to meeting climate targets.

  • Is the EYOR only something for experts?

    No, on the contrary. All sections of the population are involved.

  • When does it start?

    The official kick-off event took place in Lisbon on 29 March. Because of Corona, however, only online.
    You can see everything again here.

  • Will there also be events?

    During the European Year of Rail 2021, a number of events and initiatives will take place to promote green, convenient and safe travel options. One of the highlights of the events is the "Connecting Europe Express". This train starts in Lisbon on 2nd September and ends in Paris on 7th October. During the journey, stops are planned with events, including in Austria. Details will be announced in due time.

  • Where can I find out more about the EYoR?

    We keep you up to date here at Further information is available on the website of the European Union.

"The European Year of Rail is a strong signal from the European Union and the European member states for the importance of the rail sector in the mobility transition. Only by consistently shifting freight transport to rail and expanding international long-distance passenger rail transport can Europe achieve its climate targets and make the European Green Deal an overall success," emphasises ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä.

Portrait CEO Andreas Matthä