Employees at arrival of the Connecting Europe Train

Connecting Europe Express in Austria

The European Union has declared 2021 the European Year of Rail to highlight the importance of switching to rail as a safe and sustainable mode of transport. One of the most symbolic initiatives in this regard is the Connecting Europe Express (CEE) journey through (almost) all EU Member States - to be precise, in 36 days through 26 European countries and stops in over 100 cities.

Currently in Austria

Since 2 September, the CEE has been travelling from Lisbon across Europe. On this journey, the CEE now also arrived in Austria via the Brenner border station. After a short stop, it continued its way via Innsbruck and Salzburg to St. Pölten. From there, it continued to the federal capital and is now a guest at Vienna's main railway station.

Of course, highlights of this magnitude are not missed by our "host" ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä and PV Executive Director Michaela Huber. They welcomed, among others, EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, representatives of the European Parliament, above all Vice-President Karas, as well as CEOs of the Central European railways and the Director of the European Railway Confederation (CER), Alberto Mazzola.

Declaration signed

ÖBB CEO Matthä drew attention to the challenges in cross-border rail transport and underlined the importance of cross-border projects and cooperation. His clear vision: In the near future, it must be as easy to travel through Europe by train as by lorry. An important step in this direction was taken today with the signing of a declaration for a high-performance rail network in the Central European area. The goal: to reduce travel times between Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Budapest and Vienna and to develop a high-speed rail network between these cities.

Connecting Europe Train at Hauptbahnhof St. Pölten
f.l.t.r.: Franz Raidl - Trade Union vida / Deputy Chairman Lower Austria, Michaela Huber - Member of the Board ÖBB Personenverkehr AG, Karl Wilfing - President of the Lower Austrian Parliament, Kristian Schmidt - European Commission / Director for Road Transport, Matthias Stadler - Mayor St. Pölten