Train passing noise abatement wall

Noise abatement

We erect noise barriers, especially along densely populated areas for the comfort of the population. On occasions it is not possible to avoid construction noise. Night-time is the easiest period in which to carry out our work. Therefore, we notify residents, who will be affected and work on solutions for keeping the noise level as low as possible.

ÖBB-Infrastruktur has invested more than 20 million Euros in the last ten years in noise abatement measures. 900 kilometres of noise barriers along our rail routes bring the residents more peace and quiet and improve their quality of life. Both in new builds and in extending routes noise pollution measures are always included as components in the planning of any project. On existing rail routes ÖBB-Infrastruktur pursues the objective of efficient noise abatement, in conjunction with State authorities and urban and rural municipalities.

Information for residents

We keep our facilities in perfect condition - round the clock, seven days a week. However, the bulk of our work is done at night and at the weekend. This can cause construction noise. We are aware of this and give our residents specific notification.

Here is a quick and easy link to information on construction projects and maintenance works in your neighbourhood. (German)

Construction work at night