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Climate protection

The railway is climate-friendly. Environmentally-friendly energy supply, electricity from hydro-electric power and solar energy, less CO2. The railway is climate-friendly. We use energy efficiently and invest in new ideas and technologies. That is ÖBB-Infrastruktur.

Less CO2

The railway is 12 times more climate-friendly than a private car. The difference in CO2 in freight traffic is even greater. Every ton kilometre of rail goods transported causes less CO2 emissions than transporting goods by truck and road.

Clean power from hydropower

Our skill is climate protection. With an average of 92 per cent hydro-electric power in the rail power supply mix we, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, are one of the most environmentally-friendly infrastructure operators in Europe. We operate a complex infrastructure for a reliable and fail-safe traction power supply. We produce a third of Austria’s traction supply demand in our eight hydropower plants.

Environmentally-friendly energy supply

The first railway power supply solar power plant is located south of Vienna. 7,000 solar panels feed the energy gained directly into the overhead contact cable. This provides trains with environmentally-friendly eco-power.

Bahnhof Praterstern beleuchtet bei Nacht

Using energy efficiently

Energy efficiency and energy-saving are always important topics for us. We are also committed to climate protection for economic reasons. Less energy consumption in vehicle operation, in railways stations, in installations and in the offices reduces operating costs.

We make the world greener

Upstream emissions in our traction current are compensated for by forestation programmes in the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica and in the ÖBB Customers Forest near Vienna.