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Freight train on track, view of the motorway bridge Brenner in the background.

Making the environment worth living in

The railway is one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport. We, at ÖBB-Infrastruktur, form the backbone of sustainable mobility and logistics services on the railway. We are constantly expanding this position. If you travel by rail, you conserve resources, save energy, reduce noise and odour pollution and contribute towards a future fit to live in for future generations.

View of the dam at Tauernmoos.

Climate protection

Environmentally-friendly energy supply, 92 per cent of traction current produced by renewable energy, efficient dealing with energy: There are many reasons why the railway is one of the most sustainable means of transport.

Canola field with train in the background

Rail and nature

An environment fit to live in, care in our dealings with the natural world, sustainable management of landscape and professional natural hazard management. We protect the natural world and our living environment.

Waste disposal at railway station


For us, conservation of resources begins with preventing waste. Appropriate waste disposal and recycling are part of our everyday work.

Train passing noise abatement wall.

Noise abatement

Trains cause noise. Investment in sound insulation therefore means quality of life for our residents. We devote particular attention to information on construction and maintenance activities.